Tuesday, June 28, 2005

When soul melts..

I saw your growing fascination with scientific literature
Science of love n loneliness..
to an unusual extreme by spending an
entire night on the rooftop
bounded by the lucid thickets

the dwarf buildings on campus were witnessing all
I smuggled in their mind and hid in a corner
Patted heart with benevolence
until we were sure no one else other than the fairy moon

we stood alone with our bulk - accumulated theories, facts, hypotheses, and philosophy.
With a statistical ambience

By the time dawn streaked the eastern sky,
we felt …………….

combined reverence and sleepy peace.

what you mean by this abrupt life?

What u mean by life?
A torrential undercurrent of uncertainty?
An unpredictable way of novelty
A fearsome path of deadly events
Wicked games of “miss” behaviors
A rebirth of unexpected rails
A casino of distasteful lucks’
A blue whale of lethal strokes
A world of barren islands’

This is all depends up on the way u look at it
For some one it may be the (or some times 4 u too)
Half frozen Lake in a beautiful valley
While u and ur beloved rows the boat in slowest pace
Where the chillness of air combed her hair

Even now I don’t know
How much i loved u
Why I should love u
All these are my questions, which I never get an answer
Though I know it

I wish to ask….
I love u to be unanswered
For ever…
That I know u were some thing more than someone to me…

Anoop_ Das on 8th April 2005
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Nothing but something...

Sometimes I wish to be like a sapwood
In a gurgling stream through the shola forest
H20 passes through the moss laden floors
With a bottled chilliness and loneliness

Though I know that I ‘ve to swim against the flow
I love to be like this
Weightless, Buoyant and nomadic
Susceptible to struck and scattered by
The piercing rock corners of reality

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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Why I can’t resist?

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It’s only your love that keeps me mortal
Airport forehead with an abandoned burned copter
Hair cascade with silken threads
Rejuvenating laughs with a hole of lie
Spider like walks with your freak legs
The immaculate anxious node

Beyond Rh factors n genealogy
Beyond culture and habitat
Beyond festivals n turmeric’s
Beyond mantras n poojas

Its some thing very vital
The hormonal composition is the convict here
The reason behind the magnetism
The charismatic interface of soul
Apart from all odds

When the moon peeped through the ghostly trees
Where engraved stars stared from the dark blue carpet
When the howling wind passed through the
Colossal tower
When the frosty atmosphere drove me
to the tundra realm

When I cradled you like an infant
Where you were with the Romanov in a Russian castle
When the -OH group reached its zenith
Fighting with the hypothalamus n
Quarreled with the cognitive domain

You were one of the most beloved friend of mine……..

anoop_ on 15th may 2005

Science of loving somebody

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Is it goanna be a tough time ?
Where the malignant cells of love started to migrate
From the bone marrow to the rest of the tissues
When the transcription of a monomeric
Amino acid started vigorously
(Polymerase chain Reaction)

When the inhaling oxygen molecules
Spared for the analysis of thoughts with her
When the process of glycolysis found insufficient
For resolving Dilemmas
When the retina got hanged by the
Picture n moves of the majestic lady

anoop_ on 15th may 2005

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Murmuring shadows

It all happened at the midway of a lazy day
I was sailing (shuttling) between the
Shores of cognitive domain n
Abyssal seas of catalepsy
As the tossing of coin of
Sub consciousness and awakening
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When the earth soaked with the celestial water
Where the wind curled the trees
Where the rain engraved the nailmarks in the ground
When the rivers went busy with their extra harvest

Where the fallen leaves coated with the slimy sand
The fragrance of geosmine* pierced the nasal cells
When the drenched Hawk- cuckoo initiated its calls
Mother earth was in an extrinsic mood…

As just had an intercourse
After a long period of abstinence

Anoop 6th April , 2005

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Blackhole # of dreams

22 nd August .2004

Though I know you are a…
Sun in the reddish horizon
Which is going to sink at no time
A glistening moon which will be devoured by the
Darken clouds
A veil of mist, which may vanish
With the golden light rays
A drop of honeydew on grass tip
Which can’t see after the dawn
A bubble on the raining floor
which may die at any time
Sunbird at the window which
Move around with another call

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I realized that it was not from you,
The whispers of love at the end of the phone
The sighs of hope with melancholy
The silence of prayers with heart
The lush of incomplete words
The pause of untold stories

It was my nightmare, which I got on a pale morning
Where a flock of crows flew over the train window
Where the noise of mating of iron
took me to the Cemetery of past
I felt like one abandoned bogie was tied to my legs
.... hanging in the furnace of anguish
The loss of sand beneath the legs
and slowly moving to the burning magma@

I saw the dreams and hopes dragging to the
Magnetic field of black-hole
and touched the heated corona*

now I learned the basics that
don’t ever expect some thing more out from life
try to learn to sacrifice which u like most
Time; the eternal doctor will cure wounds, made to you…..

Let me compare u to a shell given by the sea to shore
Before I’m reaching to it, it was stolen by a tsunami^

# Parts of sun where high energy spots persists and engulf the heavenly bodies
@ The innermost part of the earth (highly heated)
* Outer layer of the sun
^The huge waves made by the earthquake in the Sea

me ..

Somber lifescapes

Somber lifescapes

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While playing with hearts
I will always be a loser (not only with hearts)
If I could win the heart,
Destiny will show its strength
Or else blood will be the barrier
Inconsistent mind will play its wicked game

Why this life is faded and pale?
Though I’m keeping some color & brush
(Which was already spilt off) I couldn’t paint my life

I scribble lithography in the darkened corridors of mind
Where not even a single ray of hope could enter (photophobic)
I can see myself alone in a vast field
With dried straws all around
With a monotonous yellow color

I can see my soul…. soar at the highs
At the crested serpent eagles height
Seeing all stagnant life down below .
An incomparable lifelessness will be the emperor
In that lone kingdom

I can hear myself from the
Darken rain-drenched forest woods
Adorned with the mosses and lichens
Where crickets crawls over the sleep aged leaves

Sh… there is some echo coming out from
The tunnel of medieval century
Bifurcating ways to the no-mans land
In Dilemma of which way to take !!!!!!

anoop_das on September 17th 2004

Misspelled words and webbed flute

I can see your…
Eyes wrapped with silence
Smiles entangled on u r nodes
Gush blocked on u r cheeks
Heart Soaked with helplessness
Dumped hairs with pedigree

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I wish to call u for a
…..walk along the mist guarded by the giant woods
…. ride, over the wet road bounded by the grasses all along
…..roam, around a beach where pebbles plays hide n seek
…..talk, seeing the leaf shadows draws the fairy tales on the ground, over half opened windows
….staring the monstrous trees to drag the moonlit night

…..grasping pulses of nostalgic childhood days
…..to see your doodling over a foggy glass
…..to learn the G# n F# of your favourite song in piano
…..to complete your unsung song of harmony